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Tula(The Revolt)



An inspiring historical novel based on the true story of the great slave revolt
on curacao in 1795
Now a major picture motion starring Danny Glover and Jeroen Krabbé
Tula, a slave in Curacao, is convinced that God made all human beings equal.
Stirred by news for abroad- that the French have abolished slavery on
neighboring Haiti and that the New Dutch Republic is now under French rule-
Tula sets out to improve the position of his fellow slaves on Curacao.
But the colonial powers on the island are unable to comprehend his efforts at
peaceful resistance. As political and social tensions rise, they ultimately
result in the brutal act of aggression.
Tula is an unforgettable novel-rich in historical detail and committed to
telling a fascinating story about equality, freedom, brotherhood.


Smartline Publishers


Jeroen Leinders

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