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Sing a New Song



Sing a new Song is a book that calls for change in attitude and action in all spheres of life. There must be a desire for positive change towards perfection.
Change is inevitable, and we must adapt to it. We must constantly re-examine our-selves, and be ready to change even our Christian beliefs. Like David, who used the phrase ‘Sing a new song ’ often, our attitude must be, “Lord, teach me”, “Lead me”, ‘Show me”, always ready to embrace change.
There are other compelling reasons why you have no option but to embrace change, and these are discussed in this book. Without change, you would miss out on fulfilling God’s purpose for you in your generation.
The author argues that a Christian must not compartmentalise his/her life into a ‘Christian life ’ and a ’secular life’. The Christian has one life. That life is not lived in church or on the mountain top, but in ’the valley where you meet normal life situations: someone gets under your skin, you are accused falsely, a bad driver crosses your vehicle dangerously and (instead of apologising) gestures at you rudely’. He again states that ’It is easy to be a Christian in church, but we are not called to live in church. Church is for recharging our batteries, as it were. We are called to be the salt and light to the world in the world’.
This book also challenges you to re-examine the basis of your beliefs and even your
view of who God is. The author describes God as a ’young God, more contemporary than man can ever be’. This book is a must-read!


Joe-Nat A. Clegg-Lamptey

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