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Jeneba becomes a monkey


Be careful what you wish for! Jeneba allows greed to make her wish for something unthinkable. She becomes a monkey! Her wish fulfilled, she realizes to her dismay that being a monkey is not just stealing bananas, climbing trees and getting all the attention. She brings sorrow to her family and causes trouble at school. How do her loved ones break the spell?

The beauty of De Graft Hanson’s story rests on a phenomenon all of us have experienced as children: wishing to be something we are not. These wishes might be good or bad. So be careful what you wish for.

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About the author

J. O. De Graft Hanson is a talented Ghanaian author. De Graft Hanson was the first president of the Council of the Ghana Children’s Literature Foundation and a fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences. His stories include The Secret of Opokuwa ( 1967 ), The Little Sasabonsam ( 1972 ), The Fetish Hide-Out ( 1975 ), The People from the Sea ( 1988 ), The Singing Tortoise ( 1989 ), and The Golden Oware Counters ( 1991 ). Commenting on his aims, De Graft Hanson noted a desire to stimulate his readers’ curiosity and imagination with thrilling stories that reflect African values but are published in European languages.


J. O. De Graft Hanson








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