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How to Enjoy Life


How to Enjoy Life teaches you how to be successful and prosperous in life from a Christian perspective. It is especially designed for the youth and teaches step by step principles and exercises that will lead them to succeed in life and become responsible adults in the future.

This unique book by Stephen and Georgina Adei really captures the imagination. Read it, live it, and be blessed.

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About the authors

The authors, Uncle Steve (Pro.Stephen Adei) and Auntie Georgina (Mrs Georgina Adei) as they are called by many young people, are teachers, counsellors and theologians by training. Their passion for young people is without bounds. Besides their own four children, Stephen, Eunice, Pricollan and Timothy (the first three who are now grown up professionals), they interact with hundreds of young people each year.

The Adei’s bring their rich experience and education to bear in preparing this book (Stephen holds several degrees plus a PhD, and Georgina has degrees and diplomas in Teaching, Home Economics, Theology and Leadership).

Between them, they have authored eleven books. Their passion is helping young ones to grow in stature and  wisdom and in favor with God and man. Miss Silvia and her husband, Jos, were leaders of Youth for Christ in Namibia for many years. They currently operate a successful HIV/AIDS Ministry in the country


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