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Ghana Our Heritage


This book is a product of the Ghana State Book Project

The project is to gather and authenticate traditional histories towards creating state books which serve as reference materials for resolving chieftaincy, family and tribal disputes in all traditional states, whilst making the information available for public usage and for further research. Among other objectives for the project include the following:

  • To document the histories of the royal families in each traditional area to avoid chieftaincy conflicts, land disputes, inheritance contestations, etc.
  • To join all the pieces of histories together (both written and unwritten) as one cohesive and authentic history for every traditional area
  • To ensure proper documentation whilst preventing misrepresentation and avoiding misconceptions.
  • To provide the international community easy access to credible information about traditional histories and cultural practices.
  • To document, authenticate and protect the heritage of Ghanaian culture.

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Ghana State book Project (GSB Project), in collaboration with the National Commission on Culture, National House of Chiefs, Ghana Tourism Authority, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and ROOTLINK Consult uses vigorous processes in documenting and authenticating traditional histories and cultural practices across the Ethnic Groups in the ten regions of Ghana. The GSB Project, in partnership with the various traditional states, develops effective methodology that aims at involving every single person in the community.


Isaac Bright Botchway


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